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How to Turn #100,000 Naira into #500,000 Naira in Three Months.

How to Turn #100,000 Naira into #500,000 Naira in Three Months.

Business is the main thing now and Importing from China, Vietnam or USA has never been easier. Buying from Chinese companies and selling online in Nigeria is the new trend and definitely what you must not neglect if you’re looking to add extra cash to your monthly income. You don’t have to rent a shop anymore, you can sell from the comfort of your home.

All the Big names in Business started somewhere somehow. You too can launch out with as small as #100,000 Naira and turn your fortune around. I know your question, “what will I buy?” Very right! Knowing what to buy is the very key thing in business followed by knowing where and how to sell it.
There are thousands of cheap and quality goods one can buy from China and sell in Nigeria at your price. Many have been doing it for many years with amazing results of which I am a witness. An online marketplace like Jumia, Konga and even 1Nairashop has eliminated the fear of where and how to sell because they now offer sellers the opportunity to sell on their platforms.

So, you must not have millions of Naira in your account to start. With as low as #100,000 Naira, I guarantee you can start importing hot selling items in Nigeria that will turn your capital from #100,000 to #500,000 in three months, that’s over 400% profit. This is not a Ponzi scheme. You and I will sit down and work it out. You have to be able to follow our survey plan and suggestions. You’ll control your goods at your price.


  • Import your goods directly from Factories
  • Goods Arrive within 2 Weeks
  • You’ll pay 50% deposit and 50% on delivery
  • Zero Risk on Shipment
  • We will help you create an account on Konga, Jumia or Even your own website (Extra cost applied)
  • Advise on cool marketing campaign for free
  • Hot Selling Items
  • Make Huge Profits.

Here is the summary of a few accessories you can invest in. These items are hot selling because they are affordable and needful. Your turnover rate will depend on your price. If your price is good, there is no limit to what you can sell.  I’ve classified these hot selling items into three categories according to demand and prices.

Category C: General Accessories.  The demand for smartphones accessories has doubled the demand for phones. Unlike Phones, accessories prices range from 0.3 USD to 1 USD in China.
You can see why it sells hot. For example, the price of an earpiece in the market is 250 naira while it’s been sold for 80 naira in China. Add shipment cost of 30 naira, you’ll have a landing cost of 110 naira. So, 250 naira minus 110 naira equals 140 naira. ( that’s 140,000 naira if you’ve invested on 1000 pieces).
When you sell cheaper than market price, you’ll have a quick turnover rate. Isn’t it cool?
Under category C, you’ll find the following:

  1. Earpiece
  2. Chargers
  3. Tampered Glass
  4. Bracelet Watches
  5. Bracelet Bangles
  6. Toys
  7. Artificial Fingernails
  8. Slippers (PVC)
  9. Chinese Mobile Phones
  10. Phone Charms
  11. Phone Ring Stents
  12. Copy watches
  13. CD Jacket

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