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How To Start Mobile Phone Accessories Business With Zero Capital

How To Start Mobile Phone Accessories Business With Zero Capital

Mobile Phone accessories are in high demand because Nigerians love pimping their phones with the latest gadgets in town. Accessories like batteries, phone parts, chargers, tempered glass, ear piece, pouches, cables, phone ring stents, phone charms, selfie sticks, fish eye lens etc are sought after. Go to any phone wholesale market and see for yourself. With Over 100 million phone users in Nigeria, the demand for mobile phone accessories is very high

Therefore, reselling these gadgets has created a lot of business opportunity for Nigerians.

So, How can one start this business?  The steps are simple!


The desire for anything makes a way! You cannot accomplish anything if you don’t have a desire for it. Business is not a bed of roses. Challenges are breakfast of Champions. Your passion is required!
So you must make up your mind to succeed in this business


How do you know the latest accessories in vogue?

How do you know their prices?

How do know where to sell them?

How do you set up your shop online?

How do you start your online advertisement/campaign?

How do you get orders?

How do you confirm and deliver to your customers?

Yes, you’ll need a mentor; someone to meet and ask questions.

Capital: Money is not the main problem because you can actually start mobile phone accessories business without initial capital. All you need is a supplier who can trust you.

If you want to know more, please contact +1240-302-9695

Do I Rent Space/Shop?  No!

You don’t need to rent shop as a beginner. The advent of online business in Nigeria simplifies everything. All you need is an online shop. Your online shop starts with your Facebook account.  A good online shop is far better than any shop on the street.

Also, you can create your shop on Jumia, Konga, for free or you can pay someone to create a website for you.

If you don’t know how to do this, please contact +1240-302-9695

Where To Buy Mobile Phone Accessories in Bulk?

There are so many dealers in Alaba, computer village etc but 1Nairashop Nigeria can actually help you import these accessories directly from China. In other words, buying it from 1Nairashop.com is cheaper.

When can I start? 
This information is useless if you don’t put them in action.
You start now! Pick up your phone and call us today!  Our experts are there to assist you.

Call us today or visit our office at C1 Asset Corps Plaza, 21 Obafemi Awolowo Way Ikeja Lagos.

Phone Number: 08095000097, 09050505051

Email: sales.1nairashop@gmail.com

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