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Every wholesaler, Retailer or consumer wants to buy it CHEAP. Buying at a good price helps you maximize your profit or save more money.  Thus buying from a direct source or factories abroad is very important if you want to save BIG!

If you’re a small retailer or Consumer, the good news is that there are channels that allow you to buy more directly from oversea factories, and in much smaller quantities than before.


With Afialink Buy-Direct Services shoppers in Africa can gain access to over 300+ premium US, UK and Chinese websites and factories, with 8.5 billion items to choose from that can be shipped straight to their door. Our customers rave about our outstanding and transparent customer service.


We use strategies that have existed since hundreds of years before the marketing and sourcing classes started those that your competitors forgot. Our team of local Chinese, Americans, Malaysians, Vietnamese, Indians and Nigerians who speak those languages are ready to get you anything abroad while you pay in Nigeria.


What More…? You can become a dealer/wholesaler if you can establish relationship with factories abroad. There are varieties of products out there in China at a very cheap rate that you can resell in Nigeria at a very high profit margin!

How do we know? We’ve been in China for 15 years and we are experienced in sourcing business around Asia.


If you don’t know what to Import or what product to invest in;askus!

We promise 100% returns if you’ll adhere to our importation advise.


More so, you can start importation business with as low as N50, 000 Naira Only! Yes, you can get anything starting from the smallest gadgets to the most sophisticated ones directly from a factory without visiting China. You can run a competitive importation business here in Nigeria with us as your partner. You can become a Big Fish in online/offline business with Afialink Buy-Direct Services.

We have eyes all over China, with over 150 factories on our corporate list. There is nothing we cannot get for you in China, Vietnam or USA.

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About Us

Are you looking for cheaper USA used cars? Chinese used cars? Japanese used cars? USA Auction cars? High-quality Electronics and Groceries from World leading companies and Countries? We can help you.

We offer a trusted, reliable and cost-effective marketplace for the widest range of quality vehicles and products.

Our Contacts

  • 5344-46th Avenue Hyattsville Edmonston, MD 20781. USA
  • USA: +1 240-486-8533
  • NIG: +234-905050505
  • Info@afialink.com

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