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Welcome to Afialink Official Website. Integrity, Transparency and Honestly are our watchwords. Over the past 9 months, we have delivered 1000 USA used cars to Nigerians both home and abroad.  Our various testimonial clips from served customers can be viewed both on Facebook and Youtube.

Our aim is to get your dream cars at the lowest price possible.

This service is meant to serve countless Nigerians who are willing to do business in the USA and China but have NO ONE IN USA TO TRUST.


Buying your dream car at the right price with a sound engine and right body compartment when you are NOT present to test-drive, inspect, negotiate, tow, ship or even custom clear your car can be so arduous. Five years ago, when I was in China, I sent money to someone in the USA to get me a car. That man ate my money and turned off his phone.  Till date, I am still looking for him. This is the Brain behind Afialink Motors. To Serve those who are willing to do business in the USA and China but are constrained by VISA, LOCATION OR EVEN EXPERIENCE YOU NEED THE SERVICES OF A TRUSTED PERSON/COMPANY. Truth be TOLD! USA cars are cheaper and neater when compared to CARS from other countries.


There are lots of accident cars on sale, flood cars, salvage cars and of course good fairly used ones here in the United States of America.

Where can you find a trusted DEALER?? 

How do you know what's right for you? 

How about the VIN checkup?

How about the Inspection of the Vehicle?
What about the Price Negotiation? Would you rather allow dealers, to rip you off?

How about Towing and Shipping?

Who handles the clearing and repairs?

These rhetorical can go on and on but the bottom line is YOU WANT A GOOD AFFORDABLE CAR DELIVERED TO YOU. ASK JOSIAH!!!


We work until we are sure the price we’ve got is unbeatable.

Instead of buying from a dealer, why not buy your car from USA Auction and fix it up yourself.

It's better to know the ORIGINAL CONDITION OF YOUR DREAM than buying an already fixed one.

Do you know that having an emotional interest in a vehicle may land you a bad bargain?

This emotional involvement may lead you to hear exactly what you want to hear, or not to ask all of the questions necessary, and that can lead to making a deal you might regret later.

Simply put, Afialink International will assist in all the processes of buying you a car. Whether you’re a first-time car buyer or Not, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer free Consultation, Inspection, and Negotiation.

Instead of searching for your preferred model and negotiating a deal ignorantly, Afialink International can complete the entire process for you, from start to finish.

These include finding the car, negotiating the price and completing the transaction. We cover as well as shipping your car, customs clearing and delivery to your designated address. Isn’t that cool?

The main reason people choose to use Afialink International is to minimize the amount of time and stress spent negotiating and to get the most savings possible.

So, how much do we charge for this service?

Just $0USD from searching to customs clearing. FREE!

No matter how little your budget is, we can work with you.

Contact us today@ +1-240-302-9695,

About Us

Are you looking for cheaper USA used cars? Chinese used cars? Japanese used cars? USA Auction cars? High-quality Electronics and Groceries from World leading companies and Countries? We can help you.

We offer a trusted, reliable and cost-effective marketplace for the widest range of quality vehicles and products.

Our Contacts

  • 5344-46th Avenue Hyattsville Edmonston, MD 20781. USA
  • USA: +1 240-486-8533
  • NIG: +234-905050505
  • Info@afialink.com

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