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I have been in China for over 15 years. I can speak, write and also interpret Chinese to English. I’ve also been to almost all countries in Asia.

My years of Businesses in China and Asia were days of beautiful, Traumatizing and Life Changing encounters from a Home away from Home. So, you are getting first class information from the horse’s mouth.

I am spending my years in China and USA to be precise. I love travelling and Business has taken me to over 52 countries of the world.

Are You Convinced? Read On!

You’re on your way to becoming a millionaire. Remember, Knowledge put into action is POWER!

Soon you’ll realize the secrets of importation/Business gurus in Nigeria. I am not talking about those buying from Aliexpxxx, or any other E-commerce website in China …NO!

Most Small-Scale importers rely on Aliexpress, DH-G?, Taobao, Amazon, Ebay etc.
These are trading websites- they are people like you selling from China. They are not factories.

To maximize your profit, you’ll have to eliminate every form of middleman-ship and connect directly with factories abroad.

In this Service you’ll understand:
·       Why You Must Be Your Own Boss
·       40 Items You Can Import into Nigeria with N100, 000 Naira.
·       Difference Between Chinese Trading Company and Factory
·       How to Find a Factory in China
·       How to Verify Chinese Company (Avoiding Scammers)
·       Warning Signs That You’re Dealing with Chinese Scammers
·       The Provinces Where Chinese Factories are located
·       How To Convince Chinese Factory To Send You Goods on Credit
·       How to Pay for Goods in China or USA.
·       How to Ship Your Goods from China to Nigeria Within 24 Hours.
·       Cheapest Ways to Ship Goods from China- Companies You Can Learn
·       Top 40 Wholesale Websites in China
·       How I lost 7 Million Naira to A Chinese Company
·       Chinese Business Strategies Nigerians Should Use
·       Things You Should Not Give As Presents According to Chinese Superstitions
·       The Effect of Chinese Astrological Signs on Foreigners
·       How to Buy from USA
·       Top 110 Wholesale Websites in USA
·       Frequently Used Importation Terminologies
·       Summary Of Importation Process
·       Afterword
Most importantly, I’ll be your assistant in China and USA if you wish.
I’ll help you verify any company in China / USA for FREE

I’ve got lots of inquires everyday from people willing to build their business empire. I’ve branded for so many companies seeking factories in China. Be assured that this is detailed tutorial from my life experiences and research in China, USA and Asia.

I’ll show you all that I have discovered and practiced over years as supplier/businessman in China and also I’ll explain to you the exact strategy to Triple Your Profits from importation. This is NOT ONLY about researched information. You’ll learn from my experiences in China as a Supplier/Businessman, Teacher and Tourist.

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About Us

Are you looking for cheaper USA used cars? Chinese used cars? Japanese used cars? USA Auction cars? High-quality Electronics and Groceries from World leading companies and Countries? We can help you.

We offer a trusted, reliable and cost-effective marketplace for the widest range of quality vehicles and products.

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  • USA: +1 240-486-8533
  • NIG: +234-905050505
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