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9 Things You Should Not Give As Presents According to Chinese Superstitions

9 Things You Should Not Give As Presents According to Chinese Superstitions

6. Knives

Any objects that cut things into two should be avoided as a gift. It symbolizes hatred and break up or separation in Chinese Culture.

7. Green Hats

Giving green hats as a gift is a bad idea in China because it implies that the wearer’s partner is unfaithful to them.

8. Pears- Parting

Fruits as a gift are wonderful but giving pears is a taboo. This is because of the Chinese word for ‘pears’
(梨 lí /lee/) sounds the same as the word for leaving or ‘parting’ (离 lí). It means separation.

9. Avoid White or Black Objects as a gift.

White and Black colors are mostly used in funerals. So avoid them.

It’s worthy of note to say that ‘RED’ is a lucky color in China. Chinese love red colors.
A gift in red wrapping paper is the lucky gift.

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