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10 Items You Can Import Into Nigeria With N100,000 Naira

10 Items You Can Import Into Nigeria With N100,000 Naira

N100,000 Naira is a lot of money though not to all. But as a new Entrepreneur, it can go a long way in establishing your business dreams. There are lots of fast-moving items you can import into Nigeria with this capital. As 2019 Begins, a good plan should be in place on how to make more money.

This is NOT a comprehensive composition but an overview of what you can import with N100K.

Remember, the difference between a Rich man and a Pauper is Knowledge!

When you show a poor man how to make money, he will become rich.

These fast-moving items are items with a high rate of turnover. They are sought after almost every day.

Pre-loved Clothes/ Second Hand Clothes/ Bend Down Select.

Everyone knows how hot good second-hand clothes are in Nigeria. Affordable jeans, t-shirts and polo shirts are sought after like water.

The demand is so high because fashion is an everyday thing. Getting second-hand clothes from China, Europe and the USA cost very cheap. A bail of about Two hundred second clothes cost 80USD in the USA. Yes, I am sure! In some places, they’re free. The Best country to import from is the USA. where in the USA? Ask Afialink.

Ladies MUST look good! They have the buying power these days. So, importing beauty accessories will definitely change your bank account for good. The price for a good quality hair wig ranges from 0.5 USD above. You can decide to import the less expensive ones for students in colleges. After you’ve done a good turnover, get varieties.



Pimping out your phone with the latest accessories in town is what I love about Nigerians. I remember when Selfie sticks came out; within two months we supplied over 50,000 pieces in Ikeja alone.

That’s massive!  You can check out the latest accessories on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba they are trendy.


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1 Year in Singapore, 2 Years in Malaysia, 2 Years in Thailand. 1 Year in India, 1 Year in Bangladesh, 2 Years in Nepal, 10 Years in China, 1 Year in Laos, 1 Year in Phil, 1 Year in Hongkong, 1 and Half Year in USA, Canada, UK etc. A Strategic Business Analyst: Import and Export Investment

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